Thursday, 3 July 2014

How to create your first website?

I Just did a google search on how to create a website and this is the number of estimated results that came through (About 2 230 000 000). So does this mean that there are more than 2 billion ways of creating websites or is it another one of google's algorithm scoping what ever it can on website development .

Well how ever many methods there are out there you always have the choice of creating a site with what ever tool that you feel comfortable with. I believe that if you can create a facebook account you can create a website. Whether creating a web page for business or for personal reasons the rules are almost similar.

The important part in creating a website sometimes is the starting stage. This is where you need to have a clear vision of how your web page would look like. For beginners in the game of web development a start in     an information site or a product site are almost what the usual temples would offer.
Most web templates like powered offer its user the ability to ad in some code. Although only html is only allowed there is still a lot that you can do with it.

So I would say have a clear view of how you web page would look like and what you intend to use the page for. Then onward its time to start building. The are a number of websites too help you do this you simply have to see which one can work best for you and is it user friendly the way you want it to.

A document that you can have  next to you when building a website is your company profile information. This makes it easy for you to enter information on the correct positions.
You should always have the viewer in mind when creating a webpage because simply they are the people who you want to view your page.
 It becomes easier if you draw you site or the interface of your site on a piece of paper where you have been doing your planning. As I mentioned earlier if you can create a account then you can create a website same rules apply. As long as you can read this then you good to go.