Friday, 24 August 2012

Super sales people.

Marketing is often one of the most important departments in any corporation. This article is based on research done by Thabisonetworks, a digital sales company that focuses on direct selling. Over a 5000 people where approached  to complete the research.

 For a business to make a sale from its products or services there has to have been a marketing campaign that takes place.
The type of marketing we are going to focus on here is direct marketing meaning face to face marketing. Although its regarded as old fashion by upcoming trends in the marketing industry its still the best know method and a foundation to all other marketing mediums.This type of marketing is one of the most difficult ways to market a product or service. It requires both time and energy. When you become a master in this way of selling you can sell anything anywhere anyhow. Skill, patience and persistence are the key ingredients in this form of marketing. On this article you are shown the basic requirements for making a successful sale. Just like any job on earth there are not a lot of people who are able to market this way.
People have  a fear of talking to people, you'll be shown how to overcome that fear and become a super sales man. If you can sell something to someone at a profit directly then selling on the Internet should not be difficult for you cause the same principles apply in the digital world. There are key areas that any sales person should look for when ever making a sale. Approach, communications, client and the closing. Falling to take care of these areas leads to no sale and no sale leads to no business.

Approach - This is the beginning of a sale. Many times a sale is made before any words are ever exchanged. There are different areas that any person looks at when being approached by a sales person. Some might start by looking at the appearance of a person, how you look matters to most people. A good sales person knows that pitch of a voice and character are some of the key components when starting the sales process. Your approach to a client or customer includes a good worked on character with a matching image. When completed with these steps 50% of the work is done already, all you have to do is present your product or service to the customer.

Communications - Now that you approached your target with the combination that goes with it, its time to go in for the kill. Good communication skills is required to to make a successful sale. This is not necessarily something you learn in school it could be learned by practice. Selling on the Internet is easy anyone with the time and dedication can become an Internet sales person plus you doing the job while you sitting down relaxing. Direct selling is a different story. You might be required to stand, walk and look for customers. Proven methods of making a sale when coming to communication are respect and a bit of humor. Once a client shares with you a couple of laughs they feel free to trust you and let you in their minds. Honesty also leads to more sales being made. Finding humor in your clients and having a smile on your face helps in getting rid of fear for talking to people.
Clients - You finished presenting your product or service to a client, this is where you wait for the response of your customer, whether they like your product or dislike, most people fear this step cause it comes with rejection which is not what people want. Being rejected is part of the selling business. Remember all businesses have to sell so no mater what business you are in you have to sell your products or service to someone. The response of your client or customer will tell you what type of a sale is going to be or if the is no sale at all. Its simple a positive respond would mean a sale is being made and a negative respond would mean the opposite.

Closing - Your client has seen your product now they make a selection of what they want and a lasting connection is made for future. Cash or contracts might exchange hands after this step is done. Sometimes a bit of persistence on your clients might make them change their mind if they where not falling for your sale technique. To sell is very simple as long as you follow simple guide lines that works and earn you money. You are on your way to becoming a super sales man. STAY FOCUSED

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