Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Africans and the world

Now I live in a community that's recovering from the effects of apartheid. The people in this community are poor and permanently broke. We do have a working class of people which mostly compromise of soldiers, nurses and teachers. The rest of the people in this community either stay at home or stay at home! The huge lack of entrepreneurship and lack of access of information is shown by the lifestyle in the community. I don't mean to be negative but will we ever see great minds come from this community, minds like Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and a few others.
I love the Americans for the progress they have made in the past couple of centuries. Now do we as Africans have to always be following in their footsteps. Always be using the tools they created to better our lives. I really hate the thought of slavery back in those days. I think it's unfair, criminal and evil. We are the descendants of those enslaved people. Do you really think our future would hold much for us. How are we to compete with the Rothchild, Bill Gates and his Larry Ellison.

What would happen if you had a parent who raised you and didn't love at all. In-fact that parent hated every single cell in your body. It's obvious that you would grow up with a an abnormal mind. This is the same situation that happening with Africa and the rest of the world, especially the USA and Europe. These people provide us with tools they say we really need and we know they useless but still buy them cause of the superior marketing strategy they have installed in our our minds. These people even got the guts to call people sheep and debt slaves. When you look at it people are slaves to debt some of them are slaves for a life time.

Our South Africa government is filled with corrupt official who only think about their fat belly's and how much money in their accounts. Its clear that we can not trust them for anything that will make us prosper in the future. They will keep on building 200 million houses for presidents and 20 000 thousand homes for civilians. What am I saying, he is the president he deserves to live in a 200 million house because he is the president.
Now most African people think the Zimbabwean president is a fool by his decision making and he should be hanged. I don't totally agree with him but if you really think about it he gave back the land to his people and collapsed the countries economy. Where is the logic in that, by giving back land to his people he grants them power of life which is food. People in Zimbabwe can now plant food on their own soil with out anyone saying anything and soon they will realize that they can sell what ever they planted to outside nations. By collapsing his economy he gives his people freedom of trade with any currency in the world. People in that country can now trade with dollars on the street. A few years to come this will be a very strong economy, economy for the people.


1)  Self Education - We are to teach one another skills of survival in this brutal world. We are to learn what we need to learn in order to survive. We are to go to school and universities not for obtaining a job in company but for self empowerment.

2)  Technology - We are to infiltrate the technological market using the first solution. Because it's in technology that all the secrets of the world are captured. This will surely put some balance in power over these other countries.

3)  Energy - This is the driving force of life. Life is energy. We are to preserve our energies and use them to empower ourselves and one another! Energy comes in many forms.

4)  Agriculture - We are to plant in our small back yards and grow food so we can trade and feed our families. When this step is complete you will realize that life is as simple as abc.

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