Monday, 11 February 2013

How to work online traffic

Traffic is what all Internet businesses worry about, for the simple reason that traffic = revenue for online businesses. The simplest meaning for traffic online is people on computers or mobile devices moving around from page to page.
There are a number of ways that you can use to attract traffic to your business. In order to earn income online you have to understand how traffic flow around the network especially the network you have created. The war for Internet control revolves around traffic flowing online everyday.
Companies like Google and Facebook go toe to toe behind close doors, behind codes and algorithms to gain control of traffic online. They not the only two companies with the same concept but these two are the one's always on the news. Now the are few basic rules to follow for start up companies or companies who are looking to expand their business.
The first thing you have to consider is where do you want to direct the flow of traffic that may come to you. The obvious answer would be a website or a blog that you own. So now you owning a website or a blog and you need some traffic to get your business going.

Social Networks
The past decade we have seen our social lives slowly moving online. Now with social networks you have the ability to talk to all you friends easily allowing you to showcase your business at the speed of thought. Social networks are a great place to start with your traffic control by simply creating an account with a website like Facebook, advertising that account how ever you can maybe even inviting people to join in your account. By having people on your social account you have a small but powerful step towards creating traffic for your website or blog. Your social account will consist of information that you want people to view and stay tuned to your account. When someone is interested in your activities they will want to know more about what you have to offer.

Being unique in your business is one of the remedies on the online game. People want new material to view or to use, new is always better.
So now you have created an account and invited people to join in your campaign all you have to do now is direct the people on that account to your desired place. People will be directed by interesting material that you produce for them to view or to use.
Images are also a great way for communicating with people, so be careful when choosing images that are intended for traffic control. People like free material, so this is one of the tools you can use to direct people from your social account to your website or blog by offering free downloads or coupons when they visit your site. With your offers in hand, create links that lead to your website or blog. Interesting material will get you traffic.


Google is a powerful force on the Internet market. They know the ins and out of the digital game. Although there is still room for them to grow and come up with new ideas they have made their ever lasting mark online. Within the Google network there are billions of people moving around every where inside this giant website. With this in mind they have control of traffic that most business desperately need. They control how that traffic moves and when and why they move to those places. Google provides you with all the tools that allow you to gain control of your desired market. Their only catch is that you have to follow the protocols that they provide. By doing this they control traffic both ways.
creating an email account with Google allows you to lo-gin to their networks with simple registration sometimes.
There are number of ways you can direct traffic to your site or blog using the Google network. The most common way is to use search engine optimization which is a method of working in alignment with their search engine to find your web-page. SEO allows you to bid for the first place in their search queries which will automatically increase your traffic flow.
Apart from using seo, you could also use their paid services like ad-words to gain traffic to your site. The are a hole lot of tools that they can provide you with to help your business get going. One of the best application they have created for businesses is the Google Webmaster tool kit. This feature has almost all the ingredients you might need to use to better your business traffic.

These are some of the simplest ways you can use to gain some traffic control over your competitors. Time and money have to be invested in order to get your business going.What ever business that you go into just know that these methods will work either way. Just remember traffic is equals to revenue and revenue is equals to a healthy bank account.

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